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When you are looking to reduce costs on your mortgage it helps to use a mortgage calculator piti that can calculate the amounts of each component of PITI (principal, interest, taxes and insurance). Knowing how each of these breaks down is crucial to understanding if you're going to stay where you are, try to refinance, or try to sell.

Mortgage calculator piti calculations to decide to stay put or sell can have a big effect on your decision.
If you do decide to sell here are 3 inexpensive ways to boost your home's sales price.

Three Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Home's Sales Price

People who are selling their homes face a dilemma of whether or not to improve their houses before listing or listing them as-is. If you have resided in your house for many years without doing many remodels, you may find that the home you have is outdated. Cabinet styles have changed. Floor styles are different. Maybe the wallpaper you have dates the house to a particular decade. However, it can be a daunting task financially to do a complete overhaul of the property. If you're looking to improve your home before putting it on the market, we have three suggestions that will delight buyers without breaking the bank.

1. Paint the Interior and Exterior

Putting a brand new coat of paint on those old walls is the best investment you can make. A few cans of paint and necessary painting supplies will run you well under $1,000. Pick modern colors and styles that buyers want. Include accent walls. Look at home decor websites and magazines for color combinations that sell. Safe bets are neutral shades (like grays) as those will appeal to the most buyers. A fresh coat of paint re-energizes the house and makes it feel updated without needing any significant remodeling work.

2. Replace Light Fixtures

If you've lived in the house for many years, you might not notice how out of date those old light fixtures are. Also, dated lighting might be dirty and have cracks or other structural issues. Buyers are naturally drawn to light. We observe where the light is coming from when we walk into a room and as such we tend to see what type of lighting it is. Modernizing your lighting can be done for as little as a few hundred dollars. New light sources combined with a fresh coat of paint can make a room feel vibrant and alive.

3. Freshen Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal will make or break your sale. If a buyer doesn't like the look of the house from the outside, it's nearly impossible to sell them on the inside. First impressions matter. One of the top ways to ensure your home sells is to make it look attractive. Freshen up the landscaping, make sure the lawn looks immaculate, and remove anything that looks ugly. If you can, paint the front door. Upgrade your mailbox. Clean up your deck. These little exterior improvements make your home look newer and more attractive. You want buyers to pull up to your home and feel like it is a great place to live.

Painting, upgrading light fixtures, and freshening your curb appeal will help you get top dollar for your house. In addition, that principal, interest, taxes and insurance payment will be a thing of the past. Although, using a mortgage calculator piti to determine if your PITI payments for a future home are reasonable may be a smart decision. The best part is that each of these projects can usually be done without the need of a professional and will often cost under a couple of thousand. However, taking the time to make these small upgrades will result in a home that feels more vibrant, fresh, and inviting. This will result in more offers with higher dollar values. This equals a home purchase for a new tenant. However, if there are issues pushing your house on the market you may want to consider a refinance.

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