Amortization Schedule Explained

Amortization schedule, typically used to describe the payment schedule of a mortgage home loan through a schedule of systematic payments that are equal in value. The monthly payments are continued until the mortgage is repaid in full. This is particularly helpful in understanding how the PI (Principal & Interest) in the PITI (Principal, Interest, Taxes & Insurance) breaks down month to month and starts to change with more going towards the principal at the later stages of the loan. [Read More]

3 Reasons a First Time Home Buyer Should Consider a Fixer-Upper

When you’re shopping for a home, there are basically two types you’ll find: Those that are in move-in condition, and those that will need some work. Those that need work are sometimes known as “fixer-uppers.” There are pros and cons regarding the decision to buy a fixer-upper vs. a home that’s “move-in ready,” and the decision is a personal one. Here are the three main reasons to consider that fixer-upper if you’re faced with that decision. [Read More]

10 Practical Tips for Better House-Hunting Success

House-hunting is often a lengthy process, and it always has a major decision at the end of it. With such a large amount of money and emotion tied up in buying a home, it’s vital to get it right. Here are ten practical tips to help increase your chances of success. 1) Use Apps to Make the Initial Searching Easier Finding the perfect house used to mean driving aimlessly through desirable neighborhoods and poring through thick books at the real estate agent’s office. [Read More]